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Web Programming and Application Development

This is a techie job in the web development. The web programmer creates web pages that constitute a web site and also adds the required program functionality to it. At advanced level, the programmer creates complex applications that provide dynamic content, returns data from database and even provide Electronic Commerce functionality.

For programming, skills in the following areas are essential: 


  • VB Script, Java Script, CGI/C,CGI/Perl, Active Server Pages (ASP) 

  • Java, Java Servlets 

  • XML 

  • CGI / PERL / PHP

There are various integrated development tools which are used extensively by programmers like: 
Visual Interdeveloper 
Visual Cafe

Apart from above, for development of applications, the knowledge of following application servers is gaining: ColdFusion / Web Objects / Broad Vision / Silver Stream / Web Sphere / Web Logic


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