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Practicing Good Online Business Ethics

Do you practice good online business ethics? For instance: Say you write an ad to send to an opt-in list you may be on. Do you just write the ad and not leave a signature? That has got to be the most important part of any advertisement especially online.

If they don't know who you are, do you really expect them to join anything with you? Do you do that? Would you join with someone who you didn't even know their name let  alone their contact info? You have to think like the consumer. We're all consumer's so when you are writing your advertisements, ask yourself, what would my reader's ask? Then put the answers in your advertisements.

Another not so good ethic and this one really drives me nuts. lol

Do you join ezines just to submit your free ads knowing you'll never read the ezine or  you give a junk email id? I still have people doing this. It's clearly written on the website that if your id comes back to me just one time you will be unsubscribed. It's such a waste of time for all publisher's. And all publisher's go through this! The people who do this probably aren't reading this anyway's. lol

We offer our free services and people still try to take advantage of us even though it is free. So you see, nothing really is free. Look at what we go through to offer our free services.:)

Should we continue to offer these free services? You bet we should. There's always a rotten one in every crowd & I'm not one to stop something just because a few are like that. I value my subscriber's & quite a few of them have become great online friends and associates. Besides that, I'm in this business to help other's. That's why I'm a publisher.

The most important ethic, do you send spam? Oh I'm so sick of emails that say,  this is sent in compliance with so and so. No this was sent in compliance with your spam!

More than likely when you receive spam there is never a signature. This goes with the ethic above about leaving a signature. Now we know, that you won't have much luck gaining new recruits if you don't leave a signature.

What do you think spam will get spammers? Nowhere that's where. Spamming is almost
just as bad as leaving no signature. How can people contact you if you don't  leave your contact info? They can't.

Last but not least, do you practice honestly?

This is very important. If you write ads that say, Make 1,000's in One Month!, You'll soon find out that that will get you nowhere.
That's not honesty at all. If you have made money from a program then say something like, I just received a check from so and so. Leave the hype out.

So there you have it. The 4 most important online business ethics that will help you become successful. Practice them and work them and you'll be on your way to building
lasting relationships.


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