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Are You New to Online Business?

Oh how I remember being a newbie. There's nothing wrong with being a newbie, we've all been there at one time. Right?

Any business you decide to do online you will have to learn how to advertise online. This has got to be the hardest task to accomplish for anyone. I know it was for me.

Ok so youíre new and you would like to get started making some money working online. Right? So what do you do first? What I suggest is, if you don't have your own business, find a good reseller program, buy the product, and if you believe you are marketing a good product, then you can start your advertising.

Please read the above paragraph again.


Did you understand what I just said there? Buy the product! If you don't believe you have a good product, how can you expect to go anywhere with it? You have to know itís good yourself, believe in it, and then you can sell it like crazy. Actually, if you believe in it, then it usually sells itself.

The same goes for reseller or affiliate programs. Yeah, you can join hundreds of them
for Free, but how much do you think you're going to make with Free? You guessed it, not very much.

Don't get me wrong, free is good when your first starting out to learn how everything works. But I can guarantee you that you'll see yourself spending money for information, marketing, and products to resell and affiliate or down line programs.

It happens to all of us!

So pick one program or 2, and stick with them. Buy the service or product and advertise it like crazy and you'll soon see the money coming in.

And you should also submit to the search engines once a month.

And there's a lot more search engines on the net.

Make a daily marketing plan and stick to it daily! You won't get rich over night but if you stick with it for the long haul, you will start to see the results.

And test your ads, track your results and keep testing your ads to see which ones pull the most response.


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