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Attitude is Everything

I've been in the sales industry for about 9 years and in every sales meeting, that is one  thing everyone always said and that is one thing they All agreed upon.

"Attitude is Everything"

So what does that mean?

Think about it for a minute. Remember when you were still little and you didn't get your way so you threw a fit? When you threw that fit did that make your parents give you what you wanted? In my case the answer is no. It only made my mom more aggravated.

Now remember when you were little and you did something good. You got praise for that right? That made your parents happy and proud of you, right?

Do you see how the negative can be a very bad emotion? And look at how good that positive attitude can be for you.

Now lets take it one step further.

In school, when you did good, didn't you get good grades? When you did bad, you got bad grades right?

In your life now, when you do something wrong, do you admit to it, or do you try and hide it?

Are you one to stick to your ways because you Think it's the right way?

Are you willing to change anything in your life, or do you want to stay just like you are right now, for the rest of your life?

Are you a positive person or a negative person?

Really, honestly ask yourself these questions. Our attitude determines these important things in our lives, most people don't even know it. Did you know your attitude can make
or break you? It's true.

Would you want to be around someone who's mad all of the time or would you rather be around someone who's happy?


Negative, now that's a word we all know about.
If your negative in the things you do in your life, nothing but negative things will happen to you. It's a proven fact.

When you do positive things, positive things will happen to you. That's also a proven fact.

So instead of getting mad about something because it didn't work, instead, think of a way to make it work for you. Where there's a will there's a way. You can make anything work if you try. It's all in your attitude.

When you feel a negative emotion coming over you, think of something positive and you'll wipe that negativity right out of there. I know life is hard at times, we all go through it. If you make it through the bad times then that should make you a stronger
person because of it. Something positive Always comes from something negative no matter what it is.

Business is No different. Life is hard enough so I try to always stay happy and positive no matter what. If you can do this too then you will be able to do what you really want. Everyone has to work hard at whatever it is they want out of their life. That's ok though, that's all part of the growing process and that's how we learn new things.

Positive Energy + Happiness + Learning = Anything You Want

Do you want it all?

Then get that Positive attitude, stay happy, get out there and just Do It!

And remember, Attitude is Everything!


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